Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A New Hope

I'm just getting used to this so regard it as my initial test post!

A few months ago I became obsessed with the idea of starting my own business. The only thing I know, indeed the only thing I love, is wargaming. Why not become an indy I thought, after all, what better way to spend my working days than selling toy soldiers!

Sounds simple right....?

Well no. Its been a lot of work just to raise the finance, and even then there's massive risks associated with being a sole trader. Part of my suppliers trade terms is that I must have a bricks and mortar store to trade from, which instantly adds several hundred pounds to your monthly bills! To further restrict where I can set up, I must be open to normal passing trade during standard retail hours, so no hiding away in an office or warehouse!

Not that I would... In fact part of my hopes for Asgard Wargames is that it will become a gaming hub for my local community in the same way I had as a lad. So yeah, property is currently being sourced.

Added to that, I've to secure stock, equipment and a shiny new webstore, all of which costs a LOT of money. Luckily I've teamed up with the Five Lamps Organisation, a local charity that provide enterprise support to start ups like me. I've worked with my mentor to churn out a strong business plan, and I'm now very close to securing the funds I need to set up. Happily, Five Lamps continue to provide support after I've opened, it's so nice to know I'm not going this completely alone.

So yeah, as the days of November tick by, I'll post more words and pictures in an attempt to garner enough customers to keep myself afloat!

I hope you'll join me on opening day...

Asgard Wargames

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