Monday, 7 April 2014

Up and Running

Ahoy and Avast ye Hobby web-lubbers!


So, its been a while since my first post, I suspect you might want an explanation.

Setting up a hobby store and website turned out to be everything, and nothing like I expected. After my last post things seemed to be bang on course, but as ever, the best laid plans of mice and men...

So what went wrong? Well finding a property was a big hurdle. Just after my last post I had secured a deal on a small shop and begun legal proceedings. With Christmas in the way, things took a while to kick off so I waited until the new year. Solicitors kept in touch but no news was forthcoming. By the end of January, nothing had moved and I was now offered a second property. With nothing to lose, I went for a viewing and then took up the lease. The new shop is bigger and is over two floors.

So every cloud has its silver lining. Now Though I had to wait another month for legal to resolve the lease. By the beginning of march I was tearing my hair out with stress, but thankfully I was in the shop before I went completely bald!

It took me 10 days to refurbish the shop. The previous tenant left a good deal of mess and furniture (some of which I re purposed!). The shop now has 3 gaming tables (2 Realm of Battle set ups and 1 board game set up), a coffee/tea station, a sofa, mini library as well as shelving for stock and a paint station! In the near future I'm planning on turning upstairs into a gaming centre, but I'm looking at getting settled with the business before I go mad and build a club too!

So thats where we are now. The shop has a steadily growing crew of customers, both new and old, and the webstore is finally complete 

I hope that you'll enjoy Asgard Wargames as much as I am, whether it be as a customer, a gamer or browser! Stay tuned for future updates as we progress with the club, including this months Dreadball League!


  1. Hi Steven, Brendan here (I brought along my friend with the cakes!), just wanted to say well done on getting everything sorted out. Setting it all up must've been a tough gig in an unforgiving economy and a niche market! We'll be in again soon no doubt.

    Until then, Coz' hoped you liked her cakes!

    1. Cheers Brendan!

      Cakes went down a treat (no pun intended), I'll be in touch soon as I'm hoping to order some custom Dreadball Cake pops!

      Speaking of which, your team boosters will be in stock from tomorrow and our league starts soon if you fancy signing up!

      Best wishes


  2. Funny you should mention dreadball cake pops, we had just come up with the idea for Smoggycon later in the year! I'll mention it to her this evening.

    We might be near 'boro tomorrow, so you may see us then. If not, next week at some point.