Saturday, 31 May 2014

World Building

This week we have been busy preparing for the regional Kings of War tournament that is being held at Asgard Wargames on Sunday June 1st. Back in March when we opened, our local Mantic Pathfinder asked if he could use the shop as the venue for the tournament, and I of course agreed! Little did I think at the time just what that meant...

We are currently still pretty small as wargames shops go, with only 3 6'x4' tables available. The idea with that was to ensure I didn't overreach should things go awry, and so far it's worked out quite nicely, and I've had no complaints (as yet!) about lack of gaming space. Added to that we are open every day, so we can nicely spread out our growing group of gamers over the week. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in the near future we will need to transform our upstairs into a gaming hall, but that's for a future post.

The tournament itself will be between six players, and we have the perfect number of tables to host that, handily. What I didn't have, was three tables worth of fantasy terrain, as our boards are split evenly between, fantasy, sci-fi and historical. What was needed was a crash course in terrain making!

Happily I managed to botch together some trees and some flower arranging material (Oasis or its equivalent), and have produced some pretty rough, but suitable terrain! Huzzah!

This is our current set up for Bolt Action. Seen here are buildings and fences from 4Ground, and eBay tees and roads, all on top of a Citadel Realm of Battle.

Our sci-fi board is once again based on the Citadel Realm of Battle, with added 40k scenery. I'm planning on adding Mantic's Battlezones stuff very soon!

My most recent acquisition, sat upon a simple grass mat is our latest terrain piece, the Sewers of Malifaux set from Wyrd (this is a work in progress!)

Once our gaming room is up and running, each terrain type will have a dedicated board to save messing on, but for now I'm very pleased with how things are shaping up!

So my question this week is this, how do you approach terrain in your gaming space? Do you go for the simple yet effective, or are you an all out world builder?

Tips and tricks much appreciated, I'm always on the look out for new ideas! 

Until next time...

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  1. We've got a 4' by 8' battle board, painted up quite nicely (if simply) to look like an grey and irradiated wasteland with toxic pools. We have a small collection of scenery, but only a few pieces are painted. Those that are suit the aesthetic of the board.

    Originally we had intended to do a snow and ice battlefield, but that would have been far more difficult to keep clean...

    So our approach is very much one of using what we've got and making it look cool on the table-top. Now that we've got fully-painted armies, we kind of want a field of battle that looks as good.

    We have a few more ambitious terrain pieces in the works... Larger multi-part buildings and so on. We also have Zone Mortalis. All of these need painting though... Might be a while.