Saturday, 21 June 2014

Whats occuring?


This post will be all about what's happening this month in the shop. Alongside a slew of new gamers, shoppers and painters, we have have now started to build up a core of regulars in store, which is great as it means we can start to organise more in the way of regular play!

1. Painting Competition

Games Workshop updated their paint sets this month so the old ones had to go. After pilfering a few paints for the shop table, I boxed the rest and offered them up for the best painted miniature! The rules were simple, any single miniature from any range could be entered. The miniature was then photographed and put on our Facebook page for a week for our fans to judge. The highest number of likes won the set!

Here are the entries:

 Captain Mainwaring, From Warlord Games. Painted by Ian. 2nd Place

Candy, from Wyrd Games Malifaux system. 3rd Place

Buzzcut, MVP from Mantic Games Dreadball. Painted by Alex.

 Tau Commander, from Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 range. Painted by Carl

Decembers Fist, from the Children of December box by Wyrd. Painted by Ben

 US Sherman crushing Germans, from Warlord Games Bolt Action range. Painted by Craig

Italian Machine Gun team from Warlord Games Bolt Action Range. Painted by Rob

First place went to this superb 25th Anniversary Crimson Fist Captain from Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 range. This was painted by Ben H.

Now not only were we thrilled with the competition, but the winner, was in fact only 7 years old! So it was nice that he could be judged independently and without any bias to his age, and still come out the winner! Here he is collecting his prize:

We enjoyed running it so much, we are doing it again this July. Entries with the theme "Master & Commander" should be in store no later than July 5th, with the judging finishing the following Saturday.

2. Dreadball (Multi)World Cup

After the great success of our first ever Dreadball League, we decided to honour the spirit of the World Cup, by hosting our own version! 6 teams are playing, with the top 4 in round 1 going onto the quarter-finals, the last two into the play-offs. Here are some shots of the games:

The results of round 1 are below:

1. Slaggy Island 39'ers (7pts + 10 cheers = 17)
2. Sleep with the Fishes (6pts + 3 cheers = 9)
3. The 3rd Way (2 points + 2 cheers = 4)
4. Metal Martyrs (-2 points + 2 cheers = 0)
5. Splinter's Cell (-6 points + 4 cheers = -2)
6. The Constructicons (-7 points + 0 cheers = -7)

So The Play-offs will be between 5th and 6th, and the Semi Finals will be between 1st and 2nd Places, and 3rd and 4th places!

3. Warhammer 40k

Of course, with 7th edition having taken the wargames world by storm, everyone is playing 40k here it seems! Is it just me or is the logistics of running a game starting to take over though? Take a look below, all those cards, templates, rules etc are starting to overwhelm the armies themselves!

That being said, 7th edition is easily the most fun we have had playing 40k in many years, and we heartily recommend you try it out!

Needless to say we have much more planned for July, including Deadzone, Malifaux and Bolt Action games, as well as the long anticipated return of Gorkamorka....

Until next time Asgardians....

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