Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Storming of Bastille


In this last fortnight, we at Asgard Wargames launched a 40k campaign! I think it's every hobbyists dream to play in campaign games, its a great driver of narrative for your forces and really brings your collection to life. With a slew of 40k players now using the store, it seemed right to break down those barriers and get them playing other people outside of their usual opponents!

So begins the Storming of Bastille...

Here is our map, showing the Bastille system. We used the Planetary Empires Rules but only allow movement between worlds via spaceports. Each player has 3 armies, a 2k, 1.5k and a 1k force. Each HQ must be unique but the armies can share miniatures!

In the above image, you can see how everyone deployed. Players nominate a supreme commander from their 2k army. Then roll a D6 and add the commanders Initiative. Players take turns in order of highest roll to lowest. In this case, Anth, our Daemon player rolled highest (Bloodthirsters have a very high initiative it seems!)

Anths Daemons (Red): Seized control of Kazhkut, a Death World and made their initial attacks on Bastille Prime, whilst repulsing an aggressive Tau invasion!

Dan's Dark Eldar (Purple) deploy next and seized the Hive World of Pasha, inflicting hideous tortures on the unsuspecting populace. Dan's forces also leapt onto the Tau Garrison force on the Agri World of Dremarr, but the survivors of the failed attack on Kazhkut arrived in time to force the Dark Eldar to flee (but not before spiriting away an unknown Relic!)

Black: Ste's Inquisition. I deployed my forces onto the primary world of Bastille Prime, and set about quickly reeducating the wayward populace. Word of multiple Chaos incursions in the outskirts has reached Inquisitor Aemilia Vindomus, who has ordered an all out attack as soon as possible!

Ben's Carcharodons (Grey), took control of the desert world of Ghado and made their presence known by issuing threats to the Orks of Waaagh! Mekamungus and the Chaos forces of Be'lakor! A blistering cross system strike failed to cripple the Orks though, whose mechanical walkers crushed their valiant attempt to repatriate the fortress world of Gendarme.

The Orks of Waaagh! Mekamungus immediately seized the fortress world of Gendarme, and its pristine bastions are soon covered in orkish "improovments"! Mekamungus sent his loyal(ish) forces to defend against the beakies and much blood was spilt, first campaign blood to the Orks!

The Tau (Sean, in light blue), seized the verdant agri-world of Dremarr, intent upon establishing a foothold on a world rich in resources. Initial forays in system met with disappointment, as an angry Daemon army refused their diplomatic overtures in favour of bloodshed! However, their successful defence of their home base led to a sudden ceasefire between the Dark Eldar and Tau, as the two xenos races promised to avoid each other in future!

Sam and his Chaos Space Marines (Brown), seized the world known as X-62-Tertius, a quarantined world. Quite what Abaddon and Be'lakor sought on this world is as yet unknown, but the Warmaster wasted no time in advancing upon the soil of Bastille prime itself.!

Finally, the penitent crusade of Imperial Stars (Rob, in green), seized the world of Launay, intending to use it as a base to support the imperial cause. Requesting to be observed by Inquisitor Vindomus herself, the Stars hope to expunge their earlier sins in glorious battle. Vinndomus welcomed the aid, and has issued her orders...

So that's it, Phase 1 and 2 complete! Join us soon for more tales from the Bastille Sector....

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