Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Vanity, I name thee google!

Everyone does it.

You don't like people to know you have, but we are all curious.

Just a quick one, where's the harm?

I am of course, talking about "googling" yourself (what else?). Its something we have all done and usually just for a laugh. I remember my first time, I googled my name and the first results were about a convicted murder on death row. Still it helps on the old CV.

Now being a small business owner, I can tell you we are insanely curious about how the outside world perceives us. Now I have the advantage of having lots of regular customers, who are fast becoming friends, so I can gather some feedback from them. But what of everyone else? Good feedback is easy to find, but what about those who have had a bad experience (gods forbid!).

So I did what any person in the 21st century would do. I googled "Asgard Wargames"

imagine my surprise when I found this glowing review:


Whoever this person is, has my sincerest thanks. I mean really. It made my day. It's nice to know that out there are people who appreciate what I'm trying to do!

So, to you, Assistant Kogz, I say thank you.

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