Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Tale of The End Times

Greetings and Salutations!

Here at Asgard Wargames, we have been swept up in wave of Warhammer Fantasy! With the rise of Nagash, the great upheaval in the Warhammer World and of course the amazing new miniatures, we felt it was high time that Fantasy had its moment to shine!

Our 40k Campaign is going great guns but will be winding down this month (updates soon!), so the time was right to look ahead. Now not many gamers here have a fantasy army ready to play with, so we decided to resurrect (no pun intended) an old GW White Dwarf format, based on the Tale of Four Gamers series.

The premise of TO4G was simple. Each month, four hobbyists would buy, build and paint a set of miniatures, with the aim of building an army. Back then they started with £50, and had a further £25 each month. The article is fondly remembered by many older GW fans and there are plenty of blogs and threads out there following a similar theme.

Our plan is a little different. Each month, from September to December, players in the Tale must build and paint 500 points (roughly) of their chosen army. At the end of each month, phots will be posted here, and WiP's can be seen on the Tale of the End Times group here:

So, we gathered unto us a group of gamers who have yet to build a Fantasy Army...


Ste (thats me), has decided (after much much deliberation), to collect a Dark Elf Army, simply because it ticks all of his Fantasy boxes- Strong magic, evil, and access to Dragons!

So far Steven has finished a box of Corsairs and has Dark Riders ready to go:


Asgard Wargames hosts Ben, of Vermilion painting as our in house commission painting service. Having seen Nagash, Ben's soul was forfeit and he immediately pledged his loyalty to the master of Undeath!

Using a mix of Games Workshop and Mantic Products, Ben has already raised a sizeable horde!

These 5 hexwraiths are work in progress, alongside them this month march 40 Skeletons and a Necromancer, with Krell, Black knights and Nagash himself all to come! 


Alex is our resident Mantic Pathfinder and naturally, wants to show us all how to build an awesome Fantasy army, at half the price! Again, another of our gamers has been bitten by the Undead bug, and has this to show so far:

In his own words:
"I have 20 skeletons and 3 cairn wraiths built. I had 13 skeletons already started from an army I began last year but never got round to finishing. I also have 10 ghouls painted from the same army but it would be cheating to include those right now so I'll be starting afresh with those and the zombies when they arrive (along with the other 10 skeletons)."


Rob is our history buff and all round brain-box. Naturally, this lead him to the men of the Empire, an army famed for its careful use of its highly trained soldiers.

Rob is awaiting some items from eBay before he gets to work, but given his track record with Bolt Action, it won't be long before he has them painted!


Chris has settled on an Ogre army known as the Red Horde. Chris has several armies, all of which are incredibly unique and highly customised. He will be building his Ogres from Mantic's Ogre range with a World of Warcraft theme...

Tune in soon for more Tales from the End Times....

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  1. Tale of 4 Gamers was always interesting and it sounds a fine idea to resurrect for any group planning a campaign or simply keen to start new armies at around the same time.

    I'd be tempted to do something similar, but I am halfway through so many painting projects right now that starting a new one seems crazy. Still, I'll be interested to see how everyone's force comes along.