Saturday, 20 September 2014


Greetings dear reader!

So this post is all about Shenanigans, you know the sort, dodgy things that happen in games, rules that just seem too good to be true, or just plain scary dice!

In the last few week we have had several of these events so I thought you'd like to hear them...

1) Bolt Action

Recently we have been gearing up for our 500pt Bolt Action tournament, and its thrown up a few very scary sceanrios! In particular, Air and Artillery observers are absolute beasts when they get it right, and more so when it goes wrong!

Take today for example, my poor Italian Bersaglieri had happily wandered into sight of a US air observer. He then proceeded to call down a pair of fighters, one who essentially ripped the heart out of my force, and the other who lightly peppered his own men! Cue cries of cheese (from me), and jokes about the Italian army and their flag waving abilities...

Or how about a few weeks back when my plucky British Bren Carriers parked up on a bridge only to find their own artillery observer had decided he would rather see the bridge destroyed, and promptly flattened my entire force! At least, I tell myself, he was free...

2) Dreadball

In Dreadball, sixes explode, so quite often you'll see someone suddenly have an intense burst of everyone's favourite dice side. Not long back I managed to roll 12 6's in a row, one after the other. Now, you might say this was a particularly impressive roll, and surely must have impacted upon the game, but no. Sadly all I needed a pair of successes to pick up the ball. And when I want to dodge? Nothing but 1's!

Many players are now beginning to realise just how useful drawing cards can be, and naturally, just when you think the opponent is out of actions, they flip that card they've been gripping all game. Often times it leads to a score, or (a thing feared by all Judwan players) the dreaded "Ball Shatters" card!

3) Dropzone Commander

Recently we have picked up this fun fast game, and as they were the last ones on the shelf, I picked Shaltari. Turns out they are full of shenanigans! I haven't quite mastered it yet, but the moment one of my guys nabs the objective, hops in his eden transport which beams up into the the nearest gate only to poop back out of one thats several inches from the table edge, but its a pretty fun tactic, even if it leads to all the normal players screaming blue murder at me!

4) 40k

Perhaps the biggest offender for shenanigans, 40k has more units in it that seem to ignore the standard rules or just replace them is unreal. Currently unpopular is the Stompa with half a dozen meks and grot riggers (essentially, unkillable), the Imperial Knight (affectionately known as Lord Stampy) and of course the dreaded Transcendent C'tan.

Its not often I complain about rules in 40k, I honestly believe every build has its weakness out there, but the transcendent C'tan is just wrong. That beast has butchered pretty much every unit in the store and still stood! I am trying to get him and the stompa to face off, and I'll report back here when they do!

What about you though? When do you call shenanigans? What do you think is the worst thing to face in any game?

Until next time....

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