Monday, 27 July 2015

Age of Sigmar

The End Times are over and a new Age has arisen... the blog is back!

To celebrate this momentous resurrection, we decided to do a battle report featuring the shops brand new, shiny Age of Sigmar starter set and terrain! So without further ado, welcome to the Realm of Aqshy...

Khorgos Khul stared out across the desolate plains. A storm lit the sky above the Brimstone Peninsula, the sound of it like the screams of a terrible, vengeful god.
Behind him came is Bloodhost; once-men who now served only the Blood God. They too stared at the skies, though certainly out of fear rather than curiosity. These men were apex-predators unused to not being in control of the world around them. Khul loathed them for their weakness, his hatred barely concealed beneath his snorted commands.

"Forward!" he bellowed

Bloodreavers boiled out of the Ophidian Archway, their bloodshot eyes ever scanning for prey.
Khul advanced, the storm above roared back with savage ferocity. Bolts of azure lightning struck the plains before the Bloodhost, dazzling in their intensity. Where the bolts struck, warriors in brilliant blue armour appeared, sending the Bloodhost into a maddened frenzy.
The Lord Celestant stared out at Aqshy, his warriors forming up around him with precision. They had manifested atop a fell temple to the dark gods, their impact shattering it into ruins. Ahead of them, a tide of tainted men screamed their fury and barged towards them.
Khul bellowed to his Blood Warriors as a nearby portal burst into flames,
"Seize it! Let none pry it from you!"
The warriors launched themselves at the portal, its arcane power lashing out around them. Then, with a blinding flash, the warriors vanished, their desire to engage the enemy champion dragging them across the battlefield on a tidal wave of magical force.
Even as the Stormhost headed down onto the plains, the Blood Warriors manifested behind them and immediately launched their attack
"Go my Lord" hissed the Lord Relictor, as he and his warriors fought back the frenzied warriors. The Lord Celestant kicked the flanks of his mighty Dracoth and the beast leapt forward towards the foe.
At his side, more warriors appeared from the skies, Liberators and Retributors marching as one to their lords side.
A Khorgorath slammed into the Lord Celestant, its flailing arms tearing great gouges in the Dracoths flanks, but with a single mighty blow from his hammer, the Lord Celestant sent it reeling back, its face caved in from the meteoric impact.
Behind him, the Lord Relictor smashed down the last Blood Warrior, though his death throes dragged down a Liberator with him. The Lord Relictor turned before even their corpses hit the ground, his gaze turning upon his Lord's plight
Seeing the tides of battle turning, the Bloodsecrator howled his raged, and invoked the runic power of his standard. The skulls warped and chattered maniacally as a portal to the realm of chaos itself burst open. The Bloodreavers about him went mad, the eyes of their god upon them. Nearby a Bloodsecrator lashed them with his blood whip, stoking their frenzy into a killing rage, driving them across the plains towards the foe.
Their impact was terrible, the sheer number of bodies throwing the Retributors back and exposing the flank of the Dracoth. Their blades rose and fell, and the Lord Celestant was dragged from his steed. The portal of skulls screamed with delight, its roar drowning out the sound of another lightning strike.
Leaping from the bolt-strike, a unit of Prosecutors hurled bolts of arcane force at the portal, shattering many skulls, before leaping forth to strike the bloodsecrator down.
 Shocked and enraged by their lords fall, the liberators struck back, hacking into the blood reavers with vengeful strikes of their hammers.
The remaining stormcasts surged forwards, determined to finish off the forces Khorne, even as the Bloodstoker struck down the prosecutors, his bloodwhip dragging them from the sky.
Recovering from the shock attack, the Bloodsecrator once again called upon his portal of skulls, oblivious to the deaths of his allies. On the hillside, Khorgos Khul sneered at his warriors weakness, and turned from the battlefield to seek greater foes.

With a final, terrible strike, the Retributors felled the Bloodsecrator, and shattered the portal of skulls with their astral-forged hammers. The battlefield fell silent as reserves arrived through the Realmgate...

And here ends our battle report! We are huge fans of the Age of Sigmar here, and we look forward to more of these narrative battles in future! A huge thanks to Ben of Vermilion Painting and Chris from  Voodoo Conversions for painting the sets and scenery, and for fighting it out to the last!

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