Friday, 4 July 2014

The (Multi) World Cup Final!

Well the halfway point in the year has been and gone, like a speeding ball of titanium its has firmly slammed us into the next half of an already crazy year. Why all the Dreadball references? Well here at Asgard Wargames we have finally wrapped up our Dreadball-fest with the final game of our World Cup homage!

Playing for the final were the "Slaggy Island 39'ers", a corporation team managed by the youngest Dreadball coach ever at a mere 7 years old, Ben Hinchley. Facing them were the ever placid "3rd Way" a Judwan team ably coached to victory by my good self!

Heres how the game went:

Rush 1-5

The 3rd Way gain the home advantage and begin their final by getting knocked on their backsides! Luckily they land themselves a cheeky 3 pointer before the unfortunate chap above was taken out (permanently)

The Judwan once again set themselves up for a glorious passing game, netting themselves another 3 points!

The Corporation strikes back! More Judwan get knocked out, leaving a mere 3 left to play! Worse still, they score themselves 3 points, bringing the score back to 3-0 to the Judwan!

Rush 6-10

A plucky Judwan player leaps into the fray to distract the opposing striker and succeeds- the ball scatters!

The plucky Judwan then leaps after the ball, only to scatter it himself- right into the path of the nearest Corporation Striker who goes on to net himself a single pointer!

Rush 11-14

Now the mad scrabble for the ball begins! Using a tried and tested tactic, the Judwan set themselves up for a passing game, whicht he Corporation now try to shut down! Luckily for the pacifists they net themselves a further 3 points leaving the score into the final rushes at 4-0 to the Juddies!

After fumbling the ball all game, the Judwan put the "Pass" into Pacifist and score 3 points netting them an 7-0 victory!

I'll be honest, that game had me on edge all the way until the second half! My Judwan seemed to have greased themselves before the match as they either fluffed their pick ups or found themselves slammed into the ground by over-enthusiastic Corporation Guards!

As the store owner, I couldn't very well claim the prize (other than the glory!) so our 2nd place team won themselves a brand new team!

He chose Judwan. I approve.

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